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Writing online can change your future

Writing and publishing your ideas online is not out of reach.

In the past, writing was reserved for a special class of people like journalists or professional authors. But now, everyone has access to publishing content. The key is learning how to write about your favorite topics for the online world. When you publish your ideas online, you unleash the full power of the Internet. Your ideas work for you while you sleep—24/7, all around the world.

Writing what you’re passionate about online turns you into a lighthouse for like-minded people—a beacon for serendipity. You meet people and achieve things that once felt impossible. Entirely by your doing, a new life opens up.

The Write of Passage Bootcamp

True Influence Starts Here

Write of Passage is a life-and-career accelerator disguised as a five-week writing bootcamp. 

Here’s what we mean. 

Too many people are mismatched — wrong job, wrong friend group, wrong environment. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you have: 

  • 10+ years of niche career expertise, but nothing to show for it.
  • Hard-won wisdom you’re dying to share, but no clue if it’s any good.
  • The perfect idea for a business or product, but no audience. 

There’s a simple solution to each: start sharing your best ideas online. 

The “how” is where we come in. 

In our five-week writing Bootcamp, you will discover your unique perspective (or, your “niche”), become the best writer you can be, and get people to *actually* read your work. 

In other words, you’ll find your true fans. 

This is where most online writers go wrong. They try to reach the masses from the start. But going viral doesn’t always build lasting influence. True influence starts small, with a handful of raving fans. These are the people who give you the platform to do significant work: launch a business, a product, a book, a podcast. Then, let the ripple effect begin. 

Spend five weeks with us and we’ll show you how to find your first true fans — and start building lasting influence with your ideas.

Write of Passage has given me more education, motivation, community, and confidence about career opportunities than years of anything else.
Aaron White

How to Start
Writing Online

We’ve taught thousands of students to write online — many of them are breakout success stories. Are you next?
In this free, one-hour lesson, you’ll learn how to use conversations as creative fuel, how to uncover your buried insights, and how sharing your ideas can make you a magnet for life-changing opportunities.

It’s everything you need to begin writing online (except the priceless community of writers and the writing curriculum that’s only available inside the course).

It’s time to step off the sidelines and into the Great Online Game. Subscribe for a free recording of the “How to Start Writing Online” workshop.

Student Growth

Past student growth after taking Write of Passage

Meet Our Alumni

Experts in Their Field

Our alumni are creators, thought-leaders, business owners – and on an unconventional path to success. Let their stories inspire your journey in the same direction.


Packy went from zero output to over 80K subscribers, 155K Twitter followers, a schedule he owns, and a venture fund he started through his newsletter.


Ana went from no Twitter following, website, or published articles to over 155K followers, and the Chief Evangelist for Synthesis, an Elon Musk-affiliated school.


Amanda went from never publishing her own ideas to a prolific publishing habit following Write of Passage. Her audience has soared to over 110K in under a year.

Starting to write online was the single best professional decision I’ve ever made, by an enormous margin.
Packy McCormick
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If the price of the course is preventative, you can explore scholarship opportunities here.

Join over 1600 writers writers from 72 countries

Many writing programs promise to make you a better writer. Write of passage goes beyond to make you a better human. It didn't just unlock my pen, it changed my heart.

Ayomide Oflulue

Ayomide Ofulue

Write of Passage is a life-changing course. There are very few communities that have this energy and vibe.

John Nicholas

John Nicholas

Write of Passage has made me significantly. more confident in sharing my ideas with the world and has helped make me a better writer. It's an intense course, but I feel transformed by it in the best way.

Justin Frank

Justin Frank

It got me over my biggest hurdle: fear of publishing. In week one, I was scared to hit publish. By week five, it felt natural. I would not have gotten there without this program.

Rick McClelland

Rick McClelland

Write of Passage gave me a structure and a community to support my creative process. And because of the friends I've made, I feel more intellectually and creatively stimulated than I have since grad school

Chris Cordry

Chris Cordry

Write of Passage helped me connect the dots with my writing. I had an inconsistent practiceand was unsure on how to move past certain blocks. I'm now exploring my voice and feel confident expressing it.

Eviana Vergara

Eviana Vergara

Write of Passage cured my intellectual loneliness and reminded me that the Internet isn't just bots and trolls and algorithms. There are real humans out there, full of curiosity and warmth and passion.


Alan Hibbard

Write of Passage helped me face my fear of publishing ideas online. I left the quicksand of analysis paralysis and found a child-like freedom of expression.

Saalik Lokhandwala

Saalik Lokhandwala

Write of Passage has opened doors for me that otherwise wouldn't be possible to even knock on. It will forever be my favorite place on the Internet.

Danny Oak

Danny Oak

Write of Passage has taught me more useful skills than I could have ever dreamt! The camaraderie, the small groups, the feedback are all outstanding.

Rick Planos

Rick Planos

The value and impact Write of Passage had on me is immeasurable. The things that felt like blockers to consistently writing or writing with clarity slowly eroded over my cohort. Write of Passage is certainly the opening pages of a new chapter in my life.


Sean Murphy

Write of Passage has been an absolute game-changer for me. With a supportive community and invaluable guidance, I've been able to overcome self-doubt and embrace vulnerability in my writing journey. Now, I'm fearlessly sharing my words with the world

Catalina Munoz

Catalina Munoz

I've never met a group of more encouraging people. This is a truly special community.

Rychelle Moses

Rychelle Moses

I can't believe an online course that actually under promises and over delivers.I literally "found my people."

Chao Lam

Chao Lam

The genuine enthusiasm and support of Write of Passage has been a gift to my writing. I didn't think it possible to write what I did, but there it was on the page.

Alissa Mears

Alissa Mears

Write of Passage shows you how to be prolific in writing, thoughts, and publishing. It's changed my life.


Andrew Mares