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You will be speaking with one of the following alumni on your call:

I'm Lavinia, the CEO of Livit International, where we support entrepreneurs, startup teams, and remote workers who build exciting tech/digital businesses. Over the last decade, we founded, co-founded, and invested in 20+ businesses and worked with over 6000 clients from 60+ countries. We are one of Asia’s Best Places to Work.


Lavinia Iosub

Lavinia Iosub

Hi there, I’m John, an actuary who started writing, illustrating and leaning into my creativity two years ago. I’m a big fan of this community. By sharing my ideas online, I went from corporate to freelancing, I’ve been invited to speak at conferences and I’ve sold a number of digital products. I’m excited to chat about your journey and how you believe writing will change your life.

John Nicholas

John Nicholas

I’m Rik, a life coach and communication-skills teacher from The Netherlands. I’ve always known I wanted to write (and publish online) but it took me 40 years to actually get started. The course (and community of writers) that helped me step over the threshold was Write of Passage (and its community). Did I mention I love the WoP community?



Rik van den Berge

Hi, I'm Vicky; since taking Write of Passage, I have grown my online audience to 60K on Youtube and 2K on Substack. I'm looking forward to connecting.



Vicky Zhao

Hi, I’m Michelle! Before Write of Passage, I had left my career in software sales to take a sabbatical, and start creative projects. Write of Passage helped me launch a consistent writing practice, refine my craft and focus in on a Core Idea. Writing online transformed my life as I went from having no online presence to growing my Substack and Twitter, building an online community around my interests and getting unexpected opportunities from people who resonated with my writing.



Michelle Varghese

Hi, I’m Chris—Write of Passage has introduced me to a powerful way of writing and expressing my ideas, and introduced me to a wonderful community of talented writers around the world who have become colleagues and friends. I worked for years as an international investment banker, and then founded Australian wine company Eden Road Wines. I’ve now written two novels available on and publish regularly on Substack


Chris Coffman

Chris Coffman



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